“Lux Freer” Short Film

Lux Freer short film poster

Logline: A middle-class, non-binary teen feels like an outcast in their new town of rich jocks and beauty queens, until a wishing well and the most popular guy in town offer a view from the top of the social ladder.

Lux Freer, a middle-class, non-binary teen (played by non-binary teen Echo Bodell) has recently moved to ritzy Westport, where they have the humiliating after-school job of delivering pizzas. Nothing could be worse than arriving at aspiring prom queen Arabella Astor’s mansion driving a beat-up woodie wagon and wearing a cap emblazoned with pepperonis. Lux’s encounter there with the bully Arabella and her kind-hearted beau Drew sets in motion a plot to upend the social stratosphere at Westport Academy. A mysterious wishing well adds to Lux’s world opening up into a place of possibility rather than a place they never fit in. At the school’s talent show, Lux’s fantasy comes true and even the most macho jock in town learns something about tolerance.